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    Sep, 2021

    Things You Might Not Know About the Range Rover Sport

    Designed to command attention, this sporty family friendly and off-road capable vehicle ticks a lot of boxes and is popular amongst Australian drivers. At Roadbend Motors, we are independent specialists in Land Rovers and we offer a hand-picked selection of pre-owned Range Rover Sport, Evoque and Vogue models to Perth customers looking for an im...

  • 29

    Jul, 2021

    Land Rover and Range Rover – What’s the Difference?

    Popular amongst Australians, Land Rovers and Range Rovers can be spotted all over the country but have you ever found yourself wondering what the difference actually is? Essentially, Land Rover is the ‘make’ and Range Rover is a ‘model’. Therefore, all Range Rovers are a form of Land Rover, however, not all Land Rovers ar...

  • 10

    Jun, 2021

    The Benefits of Using Genuine Land Rover Parts

    When your Land Rover requires replacement parts, it can be a stressful and expensive exercise sourcing the required parts. With thousands of websites and automotive outlets offering a huge range of components that claim to fit every make and model, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying an inferior product. At Roadbend Motors, we recomm...

  • 19

    May, 2021

    Are Plug-In Hybrid Cars Better than Pure Electric in the Real World?

    While Australia ranks very low internationally when comparing the amount of electric cars in use, by the end of 2021, it is estimated that there will be a surge in the amount of plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or pure electric (EV) vehicles on Australian roads. With almost every major car manufacturer offering at least one PHEV or EV (or both) model and w...

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    Aug, 2020

    Things to Consider When Purchasing a Classic Jaguar

    While classic cars may lack the modern conveniences we rely on for a comfortable ride, there’s something special about owing a prestigious piece of automotive history. Packed with style and charm, classic cars, especially Jaguars, ooze sophistication and stand out from the crowd of modern vehicles guaranteeing you plenty of attention and c...

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    Jul, 2020

    The Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Jaguar

    Jaguars are the epitome of elegance, style and sophistication as well as being a dream to drive, so it’s easy to see why so many people aspire to own one. However, purchasing a new luxury car, can be expensive. Just because you have a budget to stick to, doesn’t mean you should cut a Jaguar from your wish list. At Roadbend Motors, we...

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    Nov, 2019

    5 Reasons to Buy a Jaguar F-Type

    All the looks with the power to match – that’s the Jaguar F-Type. Designed to deliver pure driving pleasure, the Jaguar F-Type is a world-class sports car combining outstanding performance with refined luxury. With eye-catching sculpted contours and provocative exterior styling, everyone will take a second glance when you cruise b...

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    Aug, 2019

    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Jaguar

    Synonymous with luxury, elegance and performance, Jaguar is one of the most recognized brands in the automotive industry. A popular choice amongst celebrities, millionaires and politicians alike, Jaguar started out as the Swallow Sidecar Company by two motorcycle enthusiasts, William Walmsley and William Lyons, who started manufacturing motorcy...

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    May, 2019

    How to Care for Your Jaguar

    If you have recently purchased a Jaguar luxury vehicle or are considering buying one, you probably know that your investment requires special attention in the car maintenance and cleaning department. Not only will appropriate car care and maintenance have your car looking newer for longer, it will ensure optimum performance and higher resale val...