Land Rover and Range Rover – What’s the Difference?

Popular amongst Australians, Land Rovers and Range Rovers can be spotted all over the country but have you ever found yourself wondering what the difference actually is? Essentially, Land Rover is the ‘make’ and Range Rover is a ‘model’. Therefore, all Range Rovers are a form of Land Rover, however, not all Land Rovers are Range Rovers. Roadbend Motors is Perth’s leading independent Jaguar and Land Rover specialist, providing professional knowledge, advice and servicing for all Land vehicles. Here we will take a deeper look at Land Rover, one of the most iconic British car manufacturers in history, and run through the different makes and models.

Land Rover Has Global Reputation for Creating Exceptional 4WD Vehicles

Established in 1948, Land Rover aims to create high performance and attractive off-road vehicles that inspire total confidence whatever the terrain the may be. Originating with the Series I Land Rover, designed for agricultural, rough use, the company soon saw an opportunity in the luxury market and set out to create high end vehicles with state-of-the-art systems, extravagant features coupled with exceptional durability and performance capabilities, and so the Range Rover was born. Simply, Land Rover and Range Rover are not separate car makers. Land Rover is the name of the brand, and the Land Rover vehicles, which includes the Range Rover, are subsequent models. The confusion often stems from people referring to the Range Rover models as its own brand. For example, many people commonly say “Range Rover Vogue” instead of “Land Rover Range Rover Vogue.”

Exploring the Different Land Rover Models

Dominating the luxury SUV marketplace for many years, Land Rover continues to offer a wide range of impressive car models, including:

· Land Rover Discovery - Stylish, tough and practical, this full-size SUV includes 7 full size seats and is capable of conquering everything from city streets to harsh terrain in complete comfort.

· Land Rover Discovery Sport – More compact in size and designed for serious exploration and adventure, the Discovery Sport instils driving confidence in any conditions, on or offroad.

· Land Rover Range Rover - The original Range Rover model, it offers luxury, supreme comfort and exceptional functionality - a driver’s vehicle through and through.

· Land Rover Range Rover Sport – Commanding attention everywhere it’s driven, this model is a sportier version of the Range Rover designed for the ultimate on-road performance.

· Land Rover Range Rover Velar - A stylish, contemporary and compact version of the Range Rover, designed for cruising city streets in style.

· Land Rover Range Rover Evoque - The entry-level model with a sleek coupe-like silhouette, designed to be versatile for everyday life.

· Land Rover Range Rover Vogue – With its commanding on-road presence, the Vogue has fast become a distinctive 4WD status symbol, exuding class, luxury and style.

Which Land Rover Model Should I Purchase?

All Land Rover vehicles feature incredible off-roading capabilities coupled with luxurious interiors, and all are great choices that are worth the (hefty) price tag. If your weekends involve manoeuvring through mountains or driving along remote beaches, the Land Rover Discovery models are more utilitarian perfect for a comfortable off-road experience. If your style is more on road than off, Range Rovers are a high-end city vehicle with an emphasis on elegance, luxury and refinement and feature more premium components and high end features while still incorporating robust durability and high performance capabilities. Whichever Land Rover model you decide on, all are certainly worthwhile vehicles that will not disappoint.

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