The Benefits of Using Genuine Land Rover Parts

When your Land Rover requires replacement parts, it can be a stressful and expensive exercise sourcing the required parts. With thousands of websites and automotive outlets offering a huge range of components that claim to fit every make and model, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying an inferior product. At Roadbend Motors, we recommend and exclusively use genuine Land Rover parts and accessories for your Perth Land Rover. No matter which model you drive, original factory parts are the way to go, read on to see why.

They Are Designed Specifically for Land Rover

Authentic parts are designed and manufactured by Land Rover specifically for the brand's models - they're built by Land Rover, for Land Rover. This means that the parts are sure to fit your vehicle the right way. They're made to exact factory specifications and designed to help your vehicle perform how it was originally engineered to perform. This reduces stress on other systems and promotes a holistic vehicle performance.

They Are High Quality and Long-Lasting

Land Rover has reputation for extremely high standards when it comes to quality and durability. Land Rover parts are tougher and more reliable than those offered by off-brand manufacturers. While other parts on the market may have attractive lower price tags, it’s likely it will cost you more in the long run as you will need to replace them more often.

You Know Where to Buy Them

Authorized Land Rover dealers and service centres use genuine parts exclusively and offer them to local clients. If you’re in need of genuine Land Rover parts, then be sure to contact your local Land Rover service centre.

Genuine Vs Generic Parts – What’s the Difference?

Genuine Land Rover parts can be expensive, which is why it may be tempting to purchase a cheaper alternative. When it comes to parts for your pre-owned Land Rover, generally you get what you pay for and if you choose and a low price, it often means low quality. Land Rover parts will fit the first time and are guaranteed to be of premium quality, giving you the peace of mind that they will last a long time.

Do I Always Have to Use Genuine Parts?

If it seals, turns, or is safety critical, be sure to use genuine parts. Parts that seal or turn rely on the quality of the material and tolerances of the manufacture to work properly. When it comes to safety critical components, it goes without saying that it is much better (and safer) to place your trust in a product that has been designed and manufactured specifically for the intended use. Don’t risk your safety by using an item that could have come from anywhere.

How to Tell If a Part Is Genuine?

Genuine Land Rover items should arrive in a sealed bag with the Land Rover logo on it, in a box with a Land Rover sticker or has "Land Rover" stamped into the part. Land Rover dealers and service centres will also stock and use only genuine parts.


If you are looking for genuine Landrover parts in Perth, Roadbend Motors will have the parts you need. We can offer you a wide range of Land Rover parts sourced locally, from the Eastern states or from around the globe. Give us a call today on (08) 9362 1366 to find out if we have the parts you need.